Carrot Pickle..

So finally after a lot of gap in between, my one thing to make everyday has picked up momentum. Today I decided to make my own carrot pickle.

Carrot pickle for me carries a lot of memories, it carries smell of winter mornings and the taste of home made ghee paranthas. It’s the memory of simple good food, cooked at home without any artificial preservatives, I so wish for those times again.

So I decided to make my own pickle with natural preservatives and relish the taste again. This is my first attempt at making a pickle all by myself..


So here’s the recipe:

4 Carrots, peeled, diced and then dried

Mustard oil – 10 big tablespoons

Small Mustard seeds (rai)


Dried mango powder

Dried red chilli powder

Turmeric Powder

So start by heating oil in pan and add the mustard seeds till they splutter and then add the carrots followed by all other spices and mix well.

Post that put it in a glass jar and add all the remaining oil and the spice mix of the pan and keep it out in sun for the pickle to be absolutely ready in a day or two! I added lemon juice also to act as a natural preservative along with the oil.



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