An “introvert’s” diary..

I love the silences..where I hear the wind

they call it loneliness

I love to speak aloud the words in my head

before I say them to me

they call it “unsocial”

I sometimes don’t think I need to talk

they call it not “smart”

I used to believe in the power of

hard work alone, not spoken word

till they labelled me “underperformer”

I can’t network, nor do I want to

but our modern “corporate” need that one skill

more than your passion, your talent

the gift of glib they say proudly

or utter out the scared “my sources”

you should talk more, go network

maybe you would be successful

they tell me, the people who talk

but yet, I love my silences, they are mine

I love my words too, I dont waste them

when I do say them, I mean them

everyone single one being truthful

I don’t network or maybe I can’t

In this world of extroverts and fakes

I am an unmasked Introvert

and a misfit, misunderstood..IMG_6330


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