Simple answers

She stared at the “so called adults”

all around her, grappling with problems

big world problems, they told her

answers to which are complicated

she asked them, what is it

they smirked back saying, “you wont understand”

the problem was growing deeper

and the answers difficult to implement

she asked again, “what is it”

this time troubled, and worn out

the adults replied back

“they are attacking us, for no fault” cried one

“they are taking our territory”

“but they are polluting my religion”

“my religion needs to rule”

“but they are going against the country”

“but they are killing the innocents”

cried all of them together

she looked back and smiled

but then what are you all doing

“we are dropping bombs to kill them”

“we are killing all the terrorists”

“We are killing those who dont follow are religion”

“hmmm” her eyes grew wide as she

listened to the answers again and again

“so all that all of you are doing is KILLING right?”

But the teacher taught me,

all the problems can be solved by “LOVING”

they smirked again, “doesn’t work”

“Ok, so instead of killing everybody

have you tried loving them before they

become terrorists, killers??

You are telling children like me

that only solution is killing

then how are you giving LOVE a chance?

sadly the simple questions



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