Homemade Tamarind sauce!!

So today, I made my favorite chutney in the world, sweet and sour tamarind sauce. I love the sour taste of tamarind and anything that you eat with it, makes it worthwhile.

This homemade sauce, one is completely preservative free and due to natural preservatives such as himalayan salt and sugar, it easily lasts upto 10 days, although this was a small batch I made and knowing my love for it, I will probably finish it up in next two days only.

Do try it, its absolutely amazing..

Here’s my recipe:

  • Soak tamarind in warm water for about half an hour, mash it well to have the juices coming out
  • Strain the Tamarind water, add some pulp also for more taste
  • Put it on high heat, add a teaspoon of himalayan salt, two tablespoon coconut sugar and slight red chili powder
  • Have it on heat for about 10 minutes or depending on how much water you used in the beginning to have it slightly thick
  • allow it to cool!! and Voila your homemade tamarind chutney is ready!!!

Absolutely amazing to have with snacks specially in the monsoon.



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