Short Stories..Man made “Religion”

The burning smell overpowered everything, the flame blazed on defying the unsettling darkness that enveloped everything. Bodies lay everywhere, spread out, some trying to find their breath back. As he counted his last breaths, somebody tried to help him, to give him water. He shouted back the war cry taught to him, the young boy whose father lay dead across replied back, “Indeed your god is great, he asks for so many dead bodies, just curious to know what is the final number of dead bodies that he needs?”, he shouted back, “what nonsense go nurture your dead, my god’s rule will prevail”, the young man smiled back as he helped another injured, “Yes he will over the tears of innocent and the dead bodies, I am getting confused then what is a DEVIL? Doesn’t a devil rule over dead bodies and pain? I thought GOD gives happiness and life..”

Today was a cloudless sky, his black eyes were wide with fear, he ran out, “Ma, please go inside the cover, today they will fly the bomb, its coming for us”, just then the blast happened and he saw his mother lying dead across the rubble he was taught to called home. Later he was told he had become a “refugee” trying to find shelter. When the doctor asked him what is he feeling, he replied back saying- “I never want to go outside, I fear the  BLUE SKY”.

She dropped her bag to the floor and quickly ran inside shouting, “I want that cream mother, the cream that makes one go from brown to white, I watched that commercial”. Her mother laughed out, “But why do you need that?”, “Because then I won’t be a terrorist.” It took her some time for the shock to get over, “A terrorist?”, she replied, “Yes Ma, I saw on TV they are saying brown people are terrorist, and you know I am not, I want to CHANGE MY COLOUR”




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