The coming out..

“Take her to a psychiatrist”, “She has been seeing too much of these english serials, just lock her inside the house for a couple of days, she will be all fine.”, “Get her married, once she has children nothing of this remain.”

She hid behind the curtain as she waited for her to get up from the desk. with silent steps she walked up to her, “Ma, can I talk to you?”, “No, I don’t want to talk to you, just go away, I don’t want to talk about it.” she said controlling her tears, that were waiting to be flooding away. But she didn’t move, “Ma, I just wanted to know something, a question I have never asked you, why did you decide to give me birth? You were all alone and the guy had left you right? Then why did you go ahead and have me?”

she looked up from the desk finally, “Because I couldn’t let go of you,  I loved the man, and I loved you for me there was nothing to hide and I you weren’t a choice, You were my wish. I can’t understand why are you doing this to me, after all that I have gone through, you were my pride, and now I don’t know.”

She smiled as she bent down to held her mother’s hand in hers, “what makes you think I am not your pride anymore? When you decided to have me, I was born with this, its a part of me and what is wrong ma? Who has said that its only a man and woman who can love each other? Its the same society that is ok with rape of a woman every night with the certificate of marriage but has a problem when two people in love want to be with each other.”

“Ma, this is not a disease nor is it a problem that can be solved, its me and I can understand if the world doesn’t get it, but I want you to be a part of this. I am scared, I don’t know, if I had been marrying a guy wouldn’t you have given me advice? This is the same thing. This doesn’t make me incomplete, intact it makes me a bit more, it makes me feel love, an emotion we no longer care for or value. Who made these traditions ma? Us right? Does majority define what is right? and minority is wiped out from traditions, history scriptures? The world is unequal and will remain so, till we questions the things that have been defined without our choice.”

Her weary eyes smiled after a long time, “I won’t pretend that I get it or understand, result of the conditioning by “the society” but i won’t stop you, give me time, i didn’t give you life to define it myself, its your story please write it as you want”

Homosexuality is NOT “Unnatural” or something that can be cured. In support of abolishment of section 377.


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