Home made organic lip Balm

In continuation of making things on my own, I discovered that it is relatively simple and easy to make my own lip balm. All that is required additional is beeswax or I could use petroleum jelly.

Thankfully I had beeswax, called in for making candles at home using the old bottles and I also had red food color to give it an organic colour- next batch I want to make with beetroot juice but till that time.

I would have liked a little more color..but I am super excited to use my organic Lip balm..

Here’s my recipe, please do try, its safer, organic and one less chemical in life!!

  • Beeswax
  • Organic cold pressed coconut oil
  • Any color- old lipstick, food color ( I used food color- The one I use for baking)
  • Any essential oil- I added mint for the freshness it gives
  • And I added some rose water

Heat all these together in a double boiler and then reuse any of your old jars to pour the mixture. Cool it in a refrigerator and then your very own lip balm!!!

And I could reuse one of the old bottles that I had..so two things with one!!




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