Handcrafted quilled earrings..

I think I had forgotten the joy of making something new myself. I also realized that with the effort  that you put into making it, it just becomes extra special and you don’t want to throw it away. There is no joy like the joy of making things yourselves, with the whole mass production and industrial revolution maybe we have forgotten the love of handcrafted unique specialities.

Doing the project has reignited my love for creation, which I had forgotten long back.Here are some pictures..

and my short poem of just the problem of assembly line..not just products but humans as well.

And this is my first attempt at quilling!! So excited!!

IMG_20160616_221237 (1).jpg


It started with what we called “needs”, essentials

without which living was defined as “hardship”

but soon the machines got bored..

the assembly line asked for more.

so they started making everything..

and changed our needs, convenience became the new need

things that we would never have a use of

started to become a part of us

as the waste piled on..we changed things too quickly

there were so many replacements and so easily available

but slowly the machines grew tired again

and the assembly line wanted more

and they thought..why not humans too..

they have anyways become our slaves

they can’t even produce their own food now

they don’t know how to get water..

they can’t make their things now..

and then they starting production of humans

devoid of independent thinking

controlled by machines!!


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