The burning flame..

The heat of the burning coals was no comparison to the heat that emanated from her. She sat of the edge of the bed, her long hair, disheveled lay on the floor like angry snakes almost hissing the anger that was burning her heart. She had stopped crying a long time back but it was the anger that was not letting her breathe, it was willing to implode, out of her, engulfing everything that lay in its path. It was an energy that would be the catatstrophe that this time in the history was waiting for.

She entered her room with heavy steps, almost dragging herself, the voices in her head telling her to go away. She almost screamed to the son that stood in her path, “But I am still the queen, even if just in name, this is my duty”. she located her with the sounds of heavy breathing and found her way around, being blind had its advantages with other senses sharpened beyond the normal ability she thought to herself.

“Draupadi, I don’t know what ┬áto say, but you don’t need to be ashamed…”, “Ashamed?” she screamed out and it echoed in the deathly silence, “Me? Sorry mother, But I am not ashamed, that’s a word you should reserve for your sons, I am angry and vengeful and I have nothing to hide, infact I want to say aloud my story to all women of this country, we don’t need to be ashamed.”, she raised her head which glowed with the energy that illuminated the darkness of the time, “I didn’t do anything wrong mother, I didn’t put myself as a prize, neither did I asked to be disrobed, infact I didn’t ask to be married into your household, and neither was I asked when I was put up as a prize for doing a task and then be married.” “I know draupadi, I am sorry, I don’t know what to say”.

She laughed, which was scarier than her distraught, “I wished mother you had said things to your sons, i wished you had told them to respect women, that there is no crime, punishment or revenge that gives you the right to not uphold a woman’s dignity. You wanted them to be kings right? no position, education or a religion gives anyone a right to not respect women. I wished you had told them mother, that once women are disrespected, It won’t be long before the end of the world comes near. I wished you had told them I am not powerless but they are, that they are not disrespecting me, but you, their father, their education, their faith and their country.”

She walked as the sun cast its glorious orange rays over the tired sky, as if illuminating the moment. “Mother you asked me not to curse them, I don’t need it, its already upon us, the curse of annihilation and its coming soon.”

The curse is once again upon us..and there doesn’t seem to be a hope..this post is in solidarity with all yazidi women, the curse of annihilation is coming..sooner or later..!









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