Conveniences..prejudices..100 word stories..

“Pollution is actually becoming a big problem In India”, he called out as he drove his SUV, “I don’t know what the government is doing”, “The only problem is they don’t do anything”, she replied lowering the window glass to throw the plastic water bottle. “Did you sign that proposal to cut trees outside our building to make way for parking space? We really need that space, I want to buy a new sedan now.” “Yeah I’ll do it, just look at this never ending jam, I don’t know what will happen to this country.” “I know” She sighed.

“Hey did you read this tweet, some one has again started some feminism bullshit, I don’t know what’s up with these women, how much equality do they want? You tell me, what’s not equal these days?” he said banging his phone on the table, “I know, infact I would say this is the problem with equality, why don’t they appreciate good things instead of always complaining.” she said sipping her tea. “Wait let me sign in with my anonymous account and abuse her a bit, then she will understand the privileges that she already has” as he started typing quickly.

“Another racist crime in US, did you see? I am thinking that my next paper presentation has to be on this only” she mused as she handed him a coffee mug. “Interesting Idea, thank god there is no racism in India. ” He smiled. “who now? I am irritated of this constant ringing of bell” she said, as she got up to open the door, “Hi, I am Jose” he extended his hand, but didn’t receive hers, ” I am here for the room on rent” he said. “We don’t rent it to Africans” and she shut the door on his face




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